Player Profile: Patrick Holman

Paddy has been at the club since 2001 and if it weren’t for playing at NNK (2004) & 5 years at Villager FC (2008-2013) he would be one of the longest serving members playing this season.

Schooled at Milnerton High School has spent his entire rugby career playing between numbers 4-8 on the park.

Paddy lists a number of good memories:
2 Durban tours in 2005/2007 with Hammies.
Taken part in the 2004 Cobra 10’s competition in Kuala Lumpur. Winning the SLB in 2005 with Hammies ,unbeaten in the season, to put us back in the SLA.
Getting to spend 3 months playing rugby in New York for New York Rugby Club.

A great club man and a strong leader makes him a valuable asset to any team. Said to be a man for the people by the people he not only is one of the first to be at practice but often the first at a fines meeting too


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