Derby Day 2017

The 140th Derby Day is tomorrow with a full house of fixtures and entertainment on the cards. With this fixture dating back to the 1800’s it deserves all the spotlight

We took the opportunity to rejuvenate a few other competitions that the sides shared. This year saw the return of Darts, Cricket and Golf which were all a great success as we know the main event will be.The darts competition was a competitive affair with Villager teams looking dominant early on but a late surge by Hammies saw them finish top

The cricket was a little more one sided with Hammies taking the win and on Wednesday the 2 clubs went head to head in a golf tournament with Villager taking the win.

The Main Event:

We have been in possession of the Derby Day trophy since 2006 win 9 straight wins, the last 2 years were cancelled, so we are hoping that come 6pm tomorrow night we can make it 10 in a row.

The fixtures are as follows:

13h35 – U20b vs TBA
13h35 – 3rds vs Villager
14h40 – U20a vs Villager
14h40 – 2nds vs Villager
16h00 – 1sts vs Villager

We will have plenty of family entertainment during the day and we look forward to you down to support the countries oldest rugby derby