1st XV Top Performers according to the stats

10 games in and coming off a solid win away at Pniel we have a week off before taking on SK Walmers at home on the 15th.

With just a handful of games left too as we challenge for the SLA title and Gold Cup inclusion we have a look at our top contributors this season. No real surprise in the numbers but there are a few stand outs

Most distance covered per game:

The top ranking forwards see  Brendon Groenewald leading the pack averaging just a touch under 7km per followed by Niel Cleghorn (6.4 km’s) and Jade Kriel (6.1 km’s)

The backs are very tight with Shane Vallender (6.6 km’s) , Jason Kriel (6.5 km’s)  and Louis Nel (6.4 km’s)  covering the hard yards for our  flyers

Top Speeds:

Our back 3 have this sewn up with Brandon Asher-Wood, Iewan Bartels & Valentino Wellman all hitting over 30km/h with Asher-Wood claiming the fastest man in the club with a speed of 31.1 km/h against Ikey Tigers.

Patrick O’Brien & Brendon Groenewald are the fastest forwards this season

Defence and Attack:

Our break down kings are heavily loaded with forwards with Jacques Oosthuizen leading the pack comfortably followed by Brendon Groenewald and Jonathan Raphael. Jason Kriel and Morne Smal are the leading backs in this area

Jade Kriel tops our turnover tally followed closely with a 3 way tie by Niel Cleghorn, Patrick O’Brien & Brandon Asher-Wood

Combining the data from SPT GPS and EncodePro we have created a unique tracker highlighting the players with the greatest positive contribution during a game over the season

This is topped by Jacques Oosthuizen in first place followed by Brendon Groenewald, Ross Beckett, Morne Smal and Luke van der Smit